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On one of those evenings in which one feels a little down and walks, head bowed, in the company of a thousand thoughts, suddenly, on the worn asphalt, Andrea's gaze encounters a strange tangle of colored straws, superimposed in an improbable balance, between shards of glass and leftovers from nocturnal highs.

A little kick as if for fun and that impossible image dissolves like an illusion, but some time later, it suddenly recomposes itself in his mind: thus it comes to life and forms a new challenge, with himself, with his hands , over time, with the art he has always loved.

This is how "Piccole Opere D'aste" are born, forms of ingenuity and imagination: colored straws that patiently cut and placed one on top of the other cancel the void and fill it with meaning, tracing legends of all times and myths of today.

​In a truly unique style for originality, Andrea recreates, with extreme rigor, characters who have left their mark on sport, culture, dreams of freedom of millions of people.

Portraits from different eras, passions that have conquered the whole world.

"So I reshaped the myths they inhabited

my adolescence and the faces of my daily life. Inside there is also a bit of my life, my passion for music and why not, my seeing the things around me from a different point of view, according to the principles of Zen culture"

Picking up the laundry, not being very practical, some clothespins fell in the courtyard.
Going down to retrieve them, I found them broken, or rather, divided by the spring that holds the two components together.
I had to put them back together and, just by doing this, I realized how they were made and how brilliant the idea was that generated this little engineering masterpiece, despite its apparent banality.
Observing them carefully, I noticed that the shaped part, the one that serves to fasten the garment to the rope, could have had a different shape, as long as it mirrored.
Suffering the negativity of the CoVid period, with all the health uncertainties associated with it, the clip reminded me of the sensation of feeling hanging by a thread.
Another fundamental feature that I found in the clip is the possibility of opening and closing, strongly similar to the desire to open activities and put an end to almost total closures.
Thus the desire to play with new shapes was born
and I let myself be inspired by everyday events that I wanted to tell by accompanying them with a text that necessarily had to be known
(set phrases, idioms, Latin sayings etc. etc.) in which to intervene by changing a word or a letter, originating a sort of calembour.
Continuing to play with the images, I also tried to imagine how famous artists would have created some of their works if they had chosen the clip as a subject.
I can say that a love was born and therefore I wanted to call this series of works the AMOlletta
and I hope to steal a smile from you if you want to watch them.